“I am thrilled to have found a cosmetic line that is gentle enough for my sensitive skin. With all the preservatives and additives in so many makeup lines, it has been really hard to find the right products for my skin that would not irritate or clog my pores. I have been using your products for over a year and half now, and every day I am thrilled to have discovered such an amazing line! I look forward to trying your skincare next. Thank you so much for creating such great products that suit every skin tone and type!”
– Swestika D.

“I was introduced to Bella Terra recently by a friend who raves about it. I have had some initial challenges in the past with skin tone because I generally fall somewhere in between shades. I ordered two different foundations, only to find one was too dark and the other too light (of course!). I was sorry to be such a bother to the customer service representatives, as they were so friendly and accommodating. Finally, I found my perfect fit and now have a shade that blends to my skin flawlessly. I LOVE this brand of mineral makeup because unlike a popular competitor at Sephora, Bella Terra doesn’t smudge; cake or transfer in the middle of my day. My face is glowing but not ‘shiny’; it diffuses my skin perfectly, and I’m 50 years old so I’ve been around the cosmetic block a few times. The colors for the mineral shadows and blushes are richly pigmented and work equally well as lipstick base powders. Absolutely fabulous! Love this brand! Keep up the great work!”
– Carol W.

“I have been searching extensively for the perfect foundation that offers coverage without the caked on, beauty pageant look that a lot of other mineral powders and foundations provide. Since finding Bella Terra, my search is over! I have received so many compliments about my new look and I couldn’t be happier. No more “trying to master the look”, I can apply my makeup so quickly. I also use the mineral shimmers and can easily blend the colors to create either the subtle or sultry look I am going for. It is definitely morning to night makeup that keeps my complexion looking fresh until I take it off. This is the best line of makeup for my ever-changing skin. The past 5 years I have seen dramatic changes with my skin, now at age 45, I truly feel like I can stand beside a 25 year old and it would be hard to tell the difference in our ages. That is the confidence Bella Terra has given me.”
– Jacquie B.